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Thoughts on building SQL Server Data Tools

Oslo CTP update; Data Modeling Design Patterns in M

As modelers, one of the things we’re doing all the time is looking for patterns – trying to distinguish what in each model is truly unique to the domain from that which is more broadly applicable, and then either using or adapting existing patterns or harvesting new patterns to put in our back pocket.  The January Oslo CTP… Read more

Domain Modeling

My focus within the Olso team is on domain modeling – creating models for specific problem domains using the Oslo modeling platform’s languages and tools.  Let me describe why we think of this as more than just data modeling. At the center of an Oslo domain is a data model authored in M. The primary purpose of this model… Read more

Logical vs. Physical Architectural Modeling Concerns

We’ve been having hallway discussions about some of the dimensions of modeling application architectures.  SDM adopts a particularly physical perspective, as it focuses on the deployment packaging stack of concerns.  Its focus is on resources (things like assemblies, config, XML files etc.) that are composed into independently deployable applications, that are composed into systems, which are then composed… Read more

Understanding SDM: Systems and the Four Layer Model

The Whitehorse Distributed System Designers are based on SDM – the System Definition Model.  SDM offers a simple model for representing computer systems that can help in many parts of the design, deployment and management space.  I’ll try over an occasional series of posts to introduce some of the key SDM concepts and how they play… Read more