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Oslo CTP update; Data Modeling Design Patterns in M

As modelers, one of the things we’re doing all the time is looking for patterns – trying to distinguish what in each model is truly unique to the domain from that which is more broadly applicable, and then either using or adapting existing patterns or harvesting new patterns to put in our back pocket.  The January Oslo CTP… Read more

Domain Modeling

My focus within the Olso team is on domain modeling – creating models for specific problem domains using the Oslo modeling platform’s languages and tools.  Let me describe why we think of this as more than just data modeling. At the center of an Oslo domain is a data model authored in M. The primary purpose of this model… Read more

Getting Back in the Saddle (although no longer on a Whitehorse)

Long time no blog!  In the meantime I’ve changed jobs within Microsoft; I’ve been working for the last several years on the modeling platform known as “Oslo” which ‘came out’ at PDC in October. You can find out more about Oslo at the Oslo Dev Center.  I was amazed to find my blog still accessible after being dormant for so… Read more