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Whitehorse Architecture TechNotes Published on MSDN

Phew!  A set of Visual Studio Team System Tech Notes have now been published on MSDN, including some fifteen new articles I’ve written on topics related to the Whitehorse architecture tools.  These should all be easy to read and are inter-linked, to make them an easy to browse.  Hopefully they will provide some useful background and some new insights into the Distributed Systen Designers. 

Below are links to each of my notes, ordered in what is probably a good sequence in which to read them. 

  • TN_1104: Understanding the System Definition Model
  • TN_1114: The Four Layers of Systems in the System Definition Model
  • TN_1100: Understanding Applications and the Application Diagram
  • TN_1105: Why Class Libraries are not shown on an Application Diagram
  • TN_1109: Understanding Systems and the System Designer
  • TN_1101: Understanding and Using the Default System
  • TN_1110: Using Systems to Represent Services in a Service Oriented Architecture
  • TN_1112: System Portfolio Management
  • TN_1102: Designing Substitutable Web Services
  • TN_1113: Representing Connections to Manual, Physical and Other Kinds of System
  • TN_1111: Top-down System Design
  • TN_1108: Connecting Applications to Web Services via Class Libraries
  • TN_1106: Copying Endpoints vs Creating Endpoints from WSDL
  • TN_1103: Web Service Endpoint Name Propagation
  • TN_1107: Understanding, Using and Creating Toolbox Prototypes
  • Why do ASP.NET WebService and ASP.NET WebApplication look alike on the Application Designer?