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Thoughts on building SQL Server Data Tools

Logical vs. Physical Architectural Modeling Concerns

We’ve been having hallway discussions about some of the dimensions of modeling application architectures.  SDM adopts a particularly physical perspective, as it focuses on the deployment packaging stack of concerns.  Its focus is on resources (things like assemblies, config, XML files etc.) that are composed into independently deployable applications, that are composed into systems, which are then composed… Read more

ARCast on model-driven development

An interesting initial round on this model-driven development podcast, including comments from Jack Greenfield from our team.  Will be fun to watch this one develop…  As someone who was involved in what we believed to be one the big successes of the 80’s and 90’s so called CASE era, I always find it a little irritating… Read more

Kick the VSTS tires…

Now you can try out Team System in a hosted environment without the hassle of downloading and installing.  Check out Rob Caron’s post for details…. Read more