Expression Design Includes HD Photo Support

The Beta 2 version of Microsoft® Expression® Design was recently released with full support for opening and saving HD Photo files.  It's available for either Windows Vista or Windows XP.

So what exactly is Expression Design?  In the words of the product team:

Expression Design is a professional illustration and graphic design tool that lets you build compelling elements for both Web and desktop application user interfaces.

Unleash your creativity with innovative vector drawing tools and non-destructive effects that you can apply to either vector or imported bitmapped images. Apply both hard-edged and organic strokes while maintaining the flexibility of vector paths. Expression Design has been built from the ground up for designers by designers.

Take a look at the Expression web site for lots more details on Expression Design and the other applications in the new Expression Suite family.

Expression Design offers HD Photo (actually called Windows Media Photo, as it is referred to throughout Windows) via the Open..., Import..., Save, Save As..., Export... and Export as Image File... commands.  Here's the encoder options dialog that Expression Design displays when exporting or saving an HD Photo file:


Expression Design works exclusively with 8bpc RGB images, with our without alpha channels.  HD Photo files of any pixel format may be opened, and if required they will be converted to Design's 8bpc RGB working format.  On save or export, files may be saved in either 24bpp RGB or 32bpp RGBA modes.

Expression Design is a powerful new application that can handle a wide range of image creation and editing tasks, and integrates with the other applications in Microsoft Expression Suite.  It's another great tool for working with HD Photo files.  Check out the free Beta 2 download and 180-day evaluation license.

Have fun!

Bill Crow

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  1. The Wow says:

    HD Photo guru Bill Crow blogs about native support for HD Photo in Microsoft’s Expression Design Beta

  2. anony.muos says:

    Out of the box, does Vista support saving HD Photo files in any of its apps?

  3. billcrow says:

    > Out of the box, does Vista support saving HD Photo files in any of its apps?

    In a word, no.  The only photo apps in Windows Vista are Photo Gallery and Paint.  

    Photo Gallery uses an implicit save model.  There is no explicit save or (more importantly) "save as..") command.  Photo Gallery will edit HD Photo images (with full support for high dynamic range, wide gamut) but it cannot save other formats in the HD Photo format.

    MS-Paint is a legacy application that sticks around for historical reasons.  Other than testing it for each new OS release (or dealing with any potential security problems) no changes or enhancements have been made to MS-Paint for years, including any support for new formats.

    Check out Paint.NET ( for a great free image editing application.  The author recently added beta support for HD Photo.

  4. Trains to kanyakumari says:

    ya it is most excellant one.very nice thank you.

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