Content Index for Web and Load testing

Ed Glas has posted a “Content Index for Web and Load Tests” on his blog at: This provides links to a variety of online resources (forums, blogs, whitepapers) for VSTS web and load testing.  

Troubleshooting the VSTS Load Testing IP Switching Feature

First some background on how IP Switching works with VSTS, which may differ from other load test tools you have used: Many other load testing tools that support IP Switching (also known as IP spoofing) require you to add the IP addresses to the network interface card (NIC) manually, and then the IP addresses are…


Mike Taute’s blog post on Diagnosing and fixing Web Test recorder bar issues

For anyone have trouble getting the VSTS Web test recorder to start recording properly, see Mike Taute’s blog post on diagnosing and fixing these problems at:


Features and behavior of Load Tests containing unit tests in VSTS 2008

This article describes the behavior in VS 2008 for load tests that contain unit tests (VS 2005 was slightly different in some respects). Instances of unit test classes in a load test  Each time an iteration of a unit test is run in a load test, a new instance of the unit test class is…


Configuring a non-default port number for the VS Team Test Controller

By default, the Visual Studio Team Test Controller listens on TCP/IP port number 6910. If for any reason you need to configure the controller to use a different port, here are the steps to configure a non-default port:1. On the controller, edit QTController.exe.config and change the value of the ControllerServicePort:     <add key=”ControllerServicePort” value=”9999″/>   …


New Load Test and Web Test features in the Orcas release

Here is a summary of just a few of the enhancements to Web testing and load testing coming in the Orcas release of Visual Studio Team System (other team members will be blogging about other enhancements):   The Web Test recorder now records AJAX requests and other requests missed by the VSTS 2005 Web Test recorder.   This…


Coded Web tests (and Web test plug-ins) should not block the thread

If you are using Coded web tests (or Web test plug-ins with a declarative Web test) and running the Web test in a load test, you should avoid doing anything in your code that will cause the running thread to block for a long time such as reading from a database, writing to a log…


Simulation of browser caching in VSTS load tests and Web tests

In a VSTS load test that contains Web tests, the load test attempts to simulate the caching behavior of the browser.    Here are some notes on how that is done:   ·         There is a property named on each request in a Web test named “Cache Control” in the Web test editor (and named “Cache”…