Me in A Magic Session

Other than being a software developer, I am also a magician. Check out this blog post (you will probably have difficulties understanding some of the magic jargons if you are not a magician):


DOS Command Script: Use Date/Time in File Names

Nowadays, we have different choices of script languages in Windows: VBScript, JScript, PowerShell script, etc. Coming from the old DOS world, I still prefer a simple batch (.cmd) script. Say we have a simple sql query and we want to run it every 10 minutes and save the output to a file. We can simply have…


Moving to Office

Re-orgs happen frequently at Microsoft and I am about to experience one. I just got two Ship-Its for the product I have been working on for almost 2 years, Microsoft Equipt, which will be discontinued after April 30th. We just finished the last feature of the product: requesting refund via the home page. The feature…