Microsoft’s Effort on 2008 Summer Olympics Coverage

Excited about upcoming Summer Olympics? Microsoft brings you a great digital coverage.

Extracted from a promotional email:

On the eve of 08.08.08 and the excitement around the XXIX Olympiad, Microsoft and NBC Sports have teamed to deliver event coverage on a scale never seen before on the Internet, let alone on TV.  NBC and Microsoft will be streaming more than 3,500 hours of Olympics video to millions of online viewers in the United States, including LIVE coverage of every minute of competition from 25 sports.  This is the largest media event ever done on the web, an unprecedented moment in the history of the Internet.  …


Here are all the ways you can experience the 2008 Summer Olympics from Microsoft and NBC:


·         Click to jump right in and experience high-quality, interactive video using Silverlight.  This could even be better than being in Beijing!  


·         Beginning tomorrow and throughout the Games, the MSN homepage will prominently feature a dynamic Olympics module which will enable people to see results (or hide them if you don’t want any spoilers), get the latest news and see exclusive video coverage.  …


·         Get the latest medal counts by sport or by country, or find out about all 10,000 of the athletes competing in the 2008 Summer Games using the Live Search Olympics Instant Answer


·         Install the new MSN Toolbar that gives you one click access to the medal tally and many other highlights.


·         Beginning August 9th, Zune Marketplace will kick off a series of daily 2008 Olympic Games videos from NBC Sports, giving viewers special on-the-go access to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. For approximately 99 cents–$1.99 per episode (with post-Games content TBD), footage will include memorable highlights from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, “best of” compilations, “best match” replays and a post-Games wrap-up feature. Users will be able to download each episode onto their Zune device for viewing whenever and wherever they go.  



Check it out, tell your friends & enjoy.


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