Live Maps China RTW

I got an email this morning saying the LIve Maps China was live today. According to the email, this first public release supports most basic map and local search features across China with details for 114 cities, plus a Public Transit feature for 11 cities, I found my high school in the map and even…


SQLClient Support for the New Date and Time Types in SQL Server 2008

Prior to SQL Server 2008, SQL developers were restricted to using two types to work with date and time values: datetime and smalldatetime. While they are sufficient in most user scenarios, there are some limitations: 1)      Both types include both the date value and time value. There is no way to store only the date…


Lessons Learned from A Scam

This post contains some hard lessons I recently learned through a craigslist transaction. Hopefully it could help you to become more cautious if you decide to sell something through craigslist or other similar online sites. A while ago I won a competition at the company and the prize was an Xbox 360 with a 20G…


Performance Tips with SqlClient

Here’s a list of things to know if you’d like achieve the best performance/scalability with SqlClient: Use SqlBulkCopy to send large sets of data to the server Set DbDataAdapter.UpdateBatchSize to send batches to the server Use strongly typed getters instead of GetValue/GetSqlValue Turn on CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess and call GetChars/GetBytes when working with BLOBs Use parameterized queries…


Seattle Works Day 2007

1,000+ participants at 30+ project sites added up to nearly 4,000 hours of service in a single day. Seattle Works Day is a fun and easy way to green up Seattle. Microsoft also broke Seattle Works Day records. We had three projects this year with over 300 participants – our largest group ever. Microsoft has…


New Adventure

After working in SQL for more than 19 months, I have decided to pursue a new opportunity in Office Live. On June 1, I’ll begin my Office Live adventure.


Microsoft Surface

Cool product, cool name, cool website. I saw the demo in our company meeting and I really like it. Executive Q&A: What the new surface computing category means for Microsoft and consumers Microsoft Launches New Product Category: Surface Computing Comes to Life in Restaurants, Hotels, Retail Locations and Casino Resorts


10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft’s Profits

I’d like to share an interesting article on Microsoft’s profits published a while ago: 10 Reinvigorating Facts About Microsoft’s Profits … Microsoft last week announced quarterly revenue of $14.4 billion and net income of $4.93 billion. In other words, Microsoft’s daily net income is about $55 million. That’s $55 million in pure profit every 24…


Progressive Development

My mentor James at Microsoft recently started a blog with the name “Progressive Development”. It talks about best and worst practices of software engineering in the format of entertaining conversations between two figures Motley and Maven. I knew James through his class at Microsoft and he is a fantastic teacher with excellent engineering knowledge and…


More on MSDTC

Last time I wrote a post on MSDTC under Vista. Here I’d like to talk a general MSDTC issue, which is not Vista-specific. Internally MSDTC uses NetBIOS names and passes them to RPC to talk to remote machines. This requires both server and client to be able to resolve each other’s machine name. Sometimes things…