Parkesy’s Got A Brand New Blog

Go on, take a look… I fully intend to keep this one up and running, together with content that is specifically Business Intelligence focused, it’s just that the other one is much more me 🙂 Curious? There’s even a link to the worlds best joke on there, fact!

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Business Intelligence Demo

I promised to post a video so here it is. If you are curious about how you get from here… …to here… …in Microsoft Office Excel 2007, take a look here: Microsoft Office Excel 2007 BI Demo There’s no audio, it’s all rather self explanatory but it may take a moment to load, so please be…


Are Office Excel 2007 Files Backwards Compatible?

According to the FAQ they are – see the “System Requirements, Integration, and Compatibility” section, here: However, when I was challenged recently by a customer as to exactly how backwards compatible they were regarding the new and improved Business Intelligence capabilities, I thought I’d better do some further investigation and this is what I…