Map Control in Power View with Office 2013

Hi There,

I had some time before move for a SQL community event. So, thought to explore new map control in power view. What a rich visualization provided by the team. Here is the screen shot of my first report with map control.

Now, let’s begin how to create such report.

  • Assuming you know how to come to the below screen. If not, please follow my earlier blog at
  • Add background

  • Add Title, add ‘Sales Amount’ from FactResellerSales and ‘EnglishCountryRegionName’ from DimGeography

  • Select the table control in the designer. Switch to Design tab and click on Map. Power View creates a map with dot for each value in our case sales for particular country (Size: - Sum of SalesAmount, Locations: - EnglishCountryRegionName).

  • Let’s add ‘EnglishProductCategoryName’ from DimProductCategory to COLOR. Since we are adding multiple values to COLOR, it will convert dot to pie chart.

  • Now let say we want to visualize it by State, let’s add StateProvinceName from DimGeography to LOCATIONS. To make it more presentable, move EnglishCountryRegionName to TILE

  • Finally, let’s do some cosmetic changes. Move to LAYOUT tab. Set TITLE to NONE. Set LEGEND to NONE. Set DATA LABELS to NONE. Set MAP BACKGROUND to ROAD MAP BACKGROUND.

* DISCLAIMER: - The product is still in consumer preview and things might get change at final release.

Signing off for now…getting late for the event….

Happy Learning! 

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