Capture Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics logs

  [Cross-Posting] I recently added a new blog post at my teams blog space. It show case PowerShell script to capture Azure Stream Analytics logs.   Hope it help in debugging Azure Stream Analytics Job. –Eat Healthy, Stay Fit and Keep Learning. Thanks.


Automate HDInsight Cluster Creation using .net sdk

  This blog post shows how to automate HDInsight cluster creation from .net sdk. Information is available in pieces so I thought to blog about it so that I can refer it in future and it may help others. This blog post shows how it can be done but when you execute program it will…


Using cross/outer apply in Azure Stream Analytics

  Hi again. While I was working on Azure Stream Analytics, I got into a situation where I need to parse array data from incoming JSON event. So I blogged about it in my teams blog here. Hope it will be helpful. Thanks for your time. Cheers!!!! – Eat Healthy…Stay Fit and Keep learning.


Connecting Devices – IoT Part 1

  Getting Started… I recently did a community event on IoT and thought to share my learning’s. My journey with IoT starts when I started working on Microsoft Azure Stream Analytic Service. It’s interesting how real time reporting brings lot of insights for business decision maker to get real sense of their business and make…


HDInsight: – CoC (Calculation of Cores)

If you ever notice “99% of XX HDINSIGHT CORES” in your HDInsight dash board on wonder what it means? Or during cluster creation if you get error/warning “The cluster can have at most 0 data nodes” and wonder whatit means? In this short article I’ll just explain what above means and show core calculation. So…


Simplifying BIG DATA concept Part 3

In my past blogs, I have discussed about the concept and now I am going to focus on platform. Here are the platform options from Microsoft to handle such big data. 1)      HDInsight on prem (Preview) 2)      HDInsight service on cloud (Preview) 3)      PDW v2.0 HDInsight is Microsoft brand name of distributing Hadoop. One can…


Simplifying BIG DATA concept Part 2

In my earlier blog I wrote about basics of BIG Data concept and now I am continuing from there. In my previous blog I talked about 2 layers 1) Storage Layer 2) Query Layer. Typically Hadoop has master and slave architecture for distributed storage and parallel query. In a typical Hadoop cluster there will be…