How PEMCO Uses Social Media Tools And Relationship Metrics To Improve Customer Service

[View:] How do you sell a product that nobody wants to buy and when they buy, hope they never use it?  While this sounds like a very tough sell, PEMCO Insurance does it very well.  What’s the secret to the company’s success?  Rod Brooks, VP & CMO discusses with Bruno about how PEMCO employs social…


Forecasting Sales In The Cloud

[View:] Joannes Vermorel, founder and CEO of Lokad, discusses how companies are using the cloud to turn hard data into sales forecasts that enable them to optimize inventory, staff and sales.  It’s fast, reliable, secure, and it comes from data mined effortlessly from your existing business applications.  Watch the latest BITV video to learn more…


Think Big. Think Broad. Think BI in 2020.

Your BI TV host, Bruno Aziza welcomes in the New Year BIG with a preview of where BI TV is heading in 2011. Highlights include WHO we’re talking to, WHERE we’ll be and WHAT you’re saying. January focuses on Predictions in 2020. February brings with it some of the best thought leaders in the data…


The Emerging Role of Business Intelligence in Financial Services

Karen Cone, Microsoft General Manager of Financial Services, talks about the rapid changes in the financial services landscape – from loss of customer trust and increased regulations to the dramatic demographic and generational changes occurring — factors which drive the need for faster and more accurate decision making in the banking world than at any…


Sibos Highlight: Mobile Payments and Reporting from Luup

Learn how Luup is harnessing the power of Windows Phone 7 and management information services to deliver innovative mobile payments and remittance services solutions to the banking industry. [View:]