Customer Analytics: Banking On Your Bank to Change

Traditional banking is dead. Bank 2.0 Author Brett King, examines the level of disruption banks are facing to compete in a customer centric environment. [View:] BITV, now have a LinkedIn Group – Click Here to Join Every Week, we release a new Poll on LinkedIn  – When Making a Decision What % of the Data…


Business Intelligence in Banking

Colin Kerr, Microsoft Industry Solutions Manager talks about the relationships banks have with data, and how FSI organizations are using business intelligence to meet the needs of a new financial world. [View:]


The Role of Risk in the Financial Services World

Anita Prasad, Microsoft General Manager of Treasury Capital Management discusses the challenges of collecting, understanding, and quantifying structured and unstructured data to help manage and mitigate risk in the financial services industry. [View:]


The Emerging Role of Business Intelligence in Financial Services

Karen Cone, Microsoft General Manager of Financial Services, talks about the rapid changes in the financial services landscape – from loss of customer trust and increased regulations to the dramatic demographic and generational changes occurring — factors which drive the need for faster and more accurate decision making in the banking world than at any…


Sibos Highlight: Mobile Payments and Reporting from Luup

Learn how Luup is harnessing the power of Windows Phone 7 and management information services to deliver innovative mobile payments and remittance services solutions to the banking industry. [View:]