The Gambler: Jeffrey Ma Brings Down the House


Jeffrey Ma won millions-and inspired the Hollywood film 21-when he masterminded a card counting scheme involving his fellow MIT classmates and took on Vegas. Ma has now parlayed his love for analytics, gambling and sports into a career as an analyst, author and speaker. In the latest BITV episode, Bruno Aziza gets Ma to share what blackjack can teach us about predictive analytics and business intelligence. Can you take on the house?

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Comments (3)
  1. Mark Jewett says:

    Hi Bruno – great episode!  I'll watch out for the "Blackjack" vs. "Roulette" scenarios as I analyze my business.

  2. Bruno Aziza says:

    Thanks Mark – I'm happy you found the analogy useful!



  3. Statspotting says:

    This is again a story of collecting strawberries in front of a steamroller. In his book, Jeffrey Ma explains a scenario where he loses 50k and then 100k  continuously –  but sticks to the plan.

    The win per customer numbers are here –

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