Why Thinking is the Enemy of Innovation


Are you one of the critics of business analytics?  Do you disregard your scorecard?  If so, you need to watch our latest interview with management guru L. Vaughan Spencer on BizIntelligence.TV!  L. Vaughan gives us insight into the world of analytics and tells us why touching trees can often be vital in making important business decisions.  In this exclusive episode, L. Vaughan helps us take the "big picture" and make it even BIGGER!

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Comments (3)
  1. Bruno Aziza says:

    In addition to the video, make sure to take our survey:

    What do YOU do when you struggle with Analytics?

    See the full survey @ http://linkd.in/dOdMUe

    You'll be surprised by the answers….

  2. matt says:

    That was a waste of my time, I thought something useful was being put forward.  This was a pathetic attempt at comedy that serves no purpose.  As an april fools joke, it was a lot of wasted effort.  The google mail gestures joke, or whatever they called it, was lough out loud funny.  I'm a little upset by this useless distraction.

  3. Bruno Aziza says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like the video.  We certainly don’t want to waste anybody’s time; we were trying to get into the spirit of April Fool’s Day.  While we felt it was a success and the majority of the people who watched it got a good laugh out of it, we recognize not everybody was going to like it.  We hope you’ll view some of our serious content; we have a number of great interviews recently including:

    Patrick Kern of Procter & Gamble:  http://bit.ly/eIFice

    The first of a three part series with Ian Ayres:  http://bit.ly/fZEphQ

    Guy Kawasaki:  http://bit.ly/gp7bsh

    We also hope you’ll join the conversation at our BI TV group on LinkedIn:  http://linkd.in/gqLKI1


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