Using Lab management SDK

Lab management’s public interface is exposed at both web service layer and at the client SDK layer. The SDK can be used to script a bunch of stuff. To pen down a few : To automate some maintenance tasks like cleaning up old environments, storing environments to library when the environments are not in use…….

Test agent configuration

As mentioned in my previous post, test agent and controller configuration is something, that has been introduced newly in Beta2. Let me elucidate the test agent configuration a little bit. How : The test agent configuration can be done through the “Team Test agent configuration” tool. To launch the tool, go to “Start –>All Programs…

What’s new in Beta 2

After reading Amit Chatterjee’s post on ‘What’s new in Test and Lab Management in VS 2010 Beta 2’ , I was thinking what’s new in Beta 2 pertaining to testing on a virtual environment. And here are the top five items that comes to my mind : New test agent and test controller configuration First…


Hello , World !… :)

   This is Bhuvaneshwari, working as a tester with Visual Studio Lab management Team that is part of VSTS 2010. To give a brief intro , I joined MS in 2006 after completing my engineering in Anna University , Chennai . For the past 18 months I am working with VSTS Lab management team. That’s…