Open sourcing the MSTest Test Framework

A couple of months ago I blogged about open sourcing the VS Test platform.  In that post, I talked about the numerous test frameworks that it supports, on of the most popular ones being MSTest.  I also foreshadowed our plan to also open source MSTest V2.  Today I’m happy to announce that we have open… Read more

Team Services Update – Mar 8, 2017

This week we are deploying our sprint 114 work.  Check out the release notes to read the details.  As usual, it will take a couple of weeks for the changes to roll out across all accounts. Here’s a CliffsNotes version of some of the highlights of this sprint: Delivery plans continue to make progress with… Read more

Team Services/TFS Roadmap update

Last week, we published an update to our roadmap (otherwise known as “Features timeline” :)). If you’re curious about what we are working on and when it is coming, I encourage you to go check it out.  This timeline is intended to give a rough idea what we are planning to deliver in the cloud… Read more

Team Services Update – Feb 15

This week we are beginning the deployment of our sprint 113 improvements.  You can read the release notes for details. Among other things, there’s a bunch of nice improvements to the Pull Request experience – we continue to refine and evolve it. We also did a “V2” overhaul of the package management UI.  We think it’s… Read more

A Wiki for Team Services and TFS

One of the big areas of investment for us recently is “social” experiences.  I’m using a fairly broad definition of that term, including a focus on “me” and my stuff and capabilities that improve collaboration across my team, project, organization.  You’ve already seen lots of pieces that support this general direction: The new account pages… Read more

More on GVFS

After watching a couple of days of GVFS conversation, I want to add a few things. What problems are we solving? GVFS (and the related Git optimizations) really solves 4 distinct problems: A large number of files – Git doesn’t naturally work well with hundreds of thousands or millions of files in your working set.  We’ve optimized it… Read more

Scaling Git (and some back story)

A couple of years ago, Microsoft made the decision to begin a multi-year investment in revitalizing our engineering system across the company.  We are a big company with tons of teams – each with their own products, priorities, processes and tools.  There are some “common” tools but also a lot of diversity – with VERY MANY… Read more

VS Team Services Update – Jan 25

We have begun the process of deploying our sprint 112 work into production.  You will see the improvements show up in your account over the next week.  You can read the release notes for all the details in this deployment. A few things worth highlighting… This provides your first peek at our new Enterprise Agile… Read more

VS Team Services Update – Jan 6

Next week we will be rolling out our sprint 110 and 111 updated (we didn’t do a 110 deployment due to the holidays).  You can check out the release notes for details.  Please bear with us – these changes are going to roll out a bit slower than usual.  As I write this, we are… Read more

VS Team Services Update – Nov 28

This week we are deploying our sprint 109 payload.  You can read the release notes for details. There’s a few things I’m particularly excited about. Build task versioning – We had a live site incident a few months ago because we rolled out an update to a build task on our hosted pools and it… Read more