August ’11 TFS Power Tools are available!

Yesterday we released the latest version of the TFS Power Tools that I described here Here are the links: TFS 2010 Power Tools MSSCCI Provider Build Extensions **UPDATE**: Here’s a new “short” link to the main VS Power Tools landing page: It’s another very nice upgrade of the Power Tools with some long awaited… Read more

Putting TFS on Port 80

Maarten asked me a couple of weeks ago if it was possible to put TFS on port 80 along with Sharepoint and if so, was there any documentation.  I said, yes, I know it’s possible because I know we’ve tested it but I didn’t know if there was any documentation.  After a little poking around… Read more

Build service offering from Discount ASP.NET

A couple of weeks ago Discount ASP.NET released a build service offering to go along with their hosted TFS offering.  This makes it possible for you to host even more of your development process in the cloud – a big benefit, particularly for highly distributed teams.  Check it out here: Brian  … Read more

Praktik Hosting Updates their Hosted TFS Offering

One of our relatively long term hosting partners – Praktik Hosting, has just updated their hosting offering based on our TFS 2010 product and licensing changes.  The result is a more affordable service with more features.  They are also going beyond just TFS and providing an option of licensing Urban Turtle for Scrum team management… Read more

Dogfooding TFS 2010 in DevDiv

As you probably know from my blog that dogfooding (using the product ourselves) is a very important part of our development cycle.  We like to use the product early and often and make sure we understand what it’s going to be like for our customers. This have been a pretty big undertaking for TFS.  If… Read more

A dogfooding milestone

This week we hit a notable milestone on the DevDiv TFS dogfood server – 1,000,000 checkins.  One of the people on our team put together this graph to demonstrate the trend: We’re going to be having a little celebration on Monday to commemorate it. Brian… Read more

July ‘09 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

It’s been about 6 months since I last posted detailed statistics on the DevDiv TFS dogfood server.  Overall it’s been a good 6 months.  Early this year we got the bulk of our TFS 2010 branching/merging/scaling changes deployed to the server and they’ve made a a big difference in the scalability challenges we were having… Read more

DevDiv TFS Database Sizes

Someone asked me the other day how big to expect the relative sizes of TFS databases to be.  At the time all I had time to say was “Over time TfsVersionControl will dwarf everything else”.  This weekend, I finally had a few minutes to sit down and do some analysis.  As with all such things,… Read more

Microsoft TFS Adoption Update

It’s been a while now since I have an overall look at the adoption of TFS at Microsoft.  I decided to go ahead and do it this month even though some of the numbers (particularly active users) are a bit skewed by the recent holidays.  Regardless, there’s some good data here.  One big milestone that… Read more

Jan ’09 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

It has been a long time since I updated you on DevDiv TFS dogfood usage statistics.  Sorry about that – it was a very busy fall.  The last update was in September so the deltas in the numbers below reflect changes since then.  As you can see usage in most respects continues to grow  at… Read more