Visual Studio a leader in software quality suites

Visual Studio has always been a great tool for developers.  In 2010, as we continued to expand the breadth of our Application Lifecycle Management suite, we made our first foray into tooling specifically for testers with Visual Studio Test Professional.  Thus started a journey to really incorporate testers into the application lifecycle, enabling teams to… Read more

Test Professional performance improvements

I’ve written in the past about some of the work we’ve done on performance in TFS/VS 2012.  I’m happy  to see in the feedback that many people have noticed.  We’re in the process of wrapping things up for this release and I got an update on our Test Pro performance results that I thought was… Read more

A comment on performance

If you check out our User Voice site, 4 of the top 5 voted items have to do with performance.  Over the next few months I’ll comment about some of the work we are doing around VS performance (and there has been a lot).  But I just got some data that I wanted to share…. Read more