State of VS 2010 Performance

Up until Christmas, I was blogging almost every day about the progress we’ve made on addressing the Beta 2 feedback that VS 2010 had significant performance issues.  Since then, our efforts have hardly taken a break.  I saw active investigations all the way up to Christmas eve and then a bit of a lull until… Read more

VS 2010 & .NET 4 Public Release Candidate Planned

I’ve written extensively in the last few weeks about the feedback we’ve gotten from our Beta 2.  I hope you can tell we’ve heard your feedback, we are taking it very seriously and are committed to shipping a product that you love.  I’m grateful for all of the feedback you’ve given.  I’m also grateful to… Read more

Update on Debugger Perf

One of the things we got a lot of performance feedback on in Beta 2 was the debugger.  We’ve been working hard on it since Beta 2 and it’s looking much better.  There was no single thing that was a magic bullet that made everything go faster – but rather a whole lot of small… Read more

Why do we require NDAs on our SLCTPs?

Last night, I got the following question in email and it seemed like a good one and worth sharing the answer more broadly. I’m just a bit curious about why you have an NDA for your SLCTP’s. The purpose of NDA’s is to prevent people talking about all the new great stuff in upcoming releases…. Read more

Blend Feedback on SLCTP1

About a week ago the Blend team upgraded to our SLCTP1 build (Super-Limited Community Technology Preview).  We’re starting to get some anecdotal feedback from them and we’re planning to do another survey this coming week that will include everyone who tried SLCTP1 (a couple of internal teams and over 50 external customers).  Before I share… Read more

“Real World” Apps

Someone asked me the other day what we were using as our “Real World” apps so they could compare them to their own apps to understand how the testing we are doing will apply.  Here’s a high level overview that characterizes several of them.  There are others that I haven’t listed but this should give… Read more

Update on Solution Load Performance

One of the areas we’ve gotten a lot of performance feedback from Beta 2 on is loading solutions.  We’ve made a ton of progress addressing the causes of the slowness.  Like on the virtual memory issue I talked about yesterday, we’ve picked a set of “real world apps” – some of the same ones and… Read more

Status update on post Beta 2 performance work

We continue to drive for improvements – trying to make contact with every person who reports issues (via my blog, Connect, Surveys, etc.).  We’re released on “Super-Limited Community Technology Preview” to individuals who have reported problems and are on the brink of releasing another. Every day we are seeing wins.  One of the many issues… Read more