Open sourcing the MSTest Test Framework

A couple of months ago I blogged about open sourcing the VS Test platform.  In that post, I talked about the numerous test frameworks that it supports, on of the most popular ones being MSTest.  I also foreshadowed our plan to also open source MSTest V2.  Today I’m happy to announce that we have open… Read more

New Windows Dev Center release

Yesterday we launched a new Windows Dev Center.  You might ask “Why are you telling us about that, Brian?”  Well, the answer is that my team is responsible for MSDN and much of the infrastructure behind it.  We partner very closely with the Windows team team produce an awesome Windows Dev Center.  Yesterday was the… Read more

Git-TF 2.0 update available

Yesterday, we released our second major version of Git-TF.  To refresh your memory, Git-TF allows developers to use Git locally and “sync-up” with a central TFS server.  It’s a particularly nice way to, for example, enable integrated version control is XCode but still participate in a team working with TFS. This update includes quite a… Read more

Team Foundation Service RTM

Today, we announced that the Team Foundation Service has released.  Read more about it on the service web site here: I wanted to provide a bit of my own commentary (beyond what I put on the web site news)… Our original plan was to hold RTM until all the billing infrastructure is in place. … Read more

Team Foundation Service Updates – Oct 29th

Yesterday, we deployed our sprint 38 work to the service.  You can read the release notes on the service here: Other than some bug fixes, this sprint was primarily about our build automation features.  We announced the new build drops feature, the ability to download builds as zips and the ability to view and… Read more

MSDN subscribers worldwide get Pluralsight Starter Subscription

Today we announced that MSDN subscribers around the world are eligible for a 12-month Pluralsight training subscription. We originally made this limited-time benefit available to our US subscribers over the summer.  Due to the great response and feedback from our customers, we’re excited to expand this benefit globally through December 11, 2012! The Pluralsight Starter… Read more

Team Foundation Service Updates 9/17

Yesterday we published a new update for the Team Foundation Service.  You can read more about what’s in it here: A couple of notes… You’ll notice that the release notes, this week, were written by Aaron Bjork rather than me.  Aaron is the GPM responsible for most of our work item tracking, Agile project… Read more

iOS, iPhone & iPad storyboarding

Update: when I first wrote this a couple of hours ago, the link to the iPad shapes was broken so I didn’t mention them.  It’s since been fixed so I’m adding it to this post.  Clearly there’s a lot of overlap between the iPhone & iPad shapes. So much happened yesterday I’m still trying to catch… Read more

Visual Studio Update this Fall

For a while now we’ve been talking about increasing our delivery cadence for Visual Studio.  Jason first talked about it at DevConnections in the Spring and I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago outlining our general approach to cadence (focused on TFS).  This week, at the launch of Visual Studio 2012, we… Read more