VS Team Services Update – Jan 25

We have begun the process of deploying our sprint 112 work into production.  You will see the improvements show up in your account over the next week.  You can read the release notes for all the details in this deployment. A few things worth highlighting… This provides your first peek at our new Enterprise Agile… Read more

TFS 2017 Update 1 RC available

Today we released the Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 Release Candidate. Release Notes Web Installer ISO Installer This release can be used for a fresh install or to upgrade any supported previous version.  Here’s a chart showing the recommended upgrade paths from various TFS versions (you can substitute TFS 2017.1 in the rightmost column). … Read more

Open sourcing the VS Test platform

Yesterday we released our unit test execution infrastructure as an open source project.  You’ll also find an open source project with the documentation. VSTest is a very extensible unit test execution framework.  The base engine, discovers tests and runs them.  It can parallelize across cores, provides process isolation and can integrate with Visual Studio.  It… Read more

VS Team Services Update – Jan 6

Next week we will be rolling out our sprint 110 and 111 updated (we didn’t do a 110 deployment due to the holidays).  You can check out the release notes for details.  Please bear with us – these changes are going to roll out a bit slower than usual.  As I write this, we are… Read more

Happy holidays 2016

Today is my last day in the office for the year.  I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog and engages on TFS and VS Team Services.  It’s great working with all of you. Overall, it’s been a good year.  We shipped TFS 2015 Update 2… Read more

VS Team Services Update – Nov 28

This week we are deploying our sprint 109 payload.  You can read the release notes for details. There’s a few things I’m particularly excited about. Build task versioning – We had a live site incident a few months ago because we rolled out an update to a build task on our hosted pools and it… Read more

DevOps at Connect();

A little late on this, but the video of my presentation (with Jamie Cool) is on Channel9 now: https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Connect/2016?sort=status&direction=desc&c=Brian-Harry&term= I’ve been saying for a couple of year that TFS and Team Services are a great DevOps solution for your whole team – regardless of the technology or platforms they work on.  I decided to finally… Read more

TFS/Team Services Q4 Roadmap update

A few days ago we published our Q4 update to the TFS/Team Services roadmap.  We should have done it 6 weeks ago but, Connect(); in mid-November had us really busy and it just fell through the cracks.  Sorry about that.  We should be updating it again in mid-January. As a reminder, everything on here is… Read more

News from Connect(); 2016

Today, at the Connect(); event in New York, we are announcing a whole bunch of cool new stuff.  The news at Connect(); is broad so I’m going to focus on the TFS and Team Services related news. TFS 2017 RTM One of the biggest pieces of news is that we RTM’d TFS 2017.  That’s exciting… Read more

Connect(); event today

Check out the Connect(); event today.  Live stream Scott’s keynote and view on demand tons of other content – including my session on DevOps. https://connectevent.microsoft.com/ Brian… Read more