Cool stuff coming for Visual Studio Team System

VSTS Training Material   Over the past several months I’ve been hearing a lot of people asking about the availability of training for Team Foundation Server.  I’ve heard it from end users who are working on their adoption plans and from training partners who want to add a VSTS offering to their repetoire.  I’m pleased to… Read more

June DevDev TFS statistics

The biggest area of growth in the last month is in work item tracking activity.  The reason is that we hooked up a mirror between our “old” work item tracking system and TFS.  This means that changes in each system is being replicated into the other.  This has added some additional load to the server… Read more

New TFS MSSCCI Provider is available!

Today we have released an update to the TFS MSSCCI provider.  It is available for download here: Try it out and let us know what you think.  I’ve repeated the feature list from a previous blog post: Support for Enterprise Architect and PowerBuilder GetLatest on Checkout support Work items can be modified in the… Read more

Tech Ed 2006

Last night I returned from Tech-Ed 2006.  I got  to do one presentation on TFS – sort of a “day in the life demo”.  Unfortunately feeback was mixed – some people loved it but the pattern in the negative feedback was that the screen resolution was too high making it too hard to see and… Read more

Stuff in the pipe for Team Foundation Server

Just a brief note about stuff coming down the pipe for TFS… MSSCCI Provider We are working on a new release of the MSSCCI provider.  It will have a variety of fixes for bugs that you have reported and that we have found internally.  Some of the notable improvements include: Support for Enterprise Architect and PowerBuilder… Read more

TFS statistics queries

You know how it goes – somehow there’s just never enough days in the week to get everything done you want to get done.  A couple of weeks ago I promised to post the queries I use to collecting statistics on our server – and other than feeling bad about it, I haven’t done much…. Read more

TFS MSSCCI Provider Available Now!

The new drop of the TFS MSSCCI provider is available now – even in the week we said it would be.  See, we don’t always miss our schedule 🙂 The great new features and supported IDEs are listed in my last blog post.  Please download the drop from and check it out.  Let us know… Read more

Update on the TFS MSSCCI Provider

We are in the process of releasing an updated MSSCCI provider to work with the released version of Team Foundation Server.  We expect to post a new drop the week of April 3rd (no exact day at this point :)).  The coding and testing is pretty much done and we’re just working through the release… Read more

Team Foundation Server and the Future

As you can tell from the cadence of releases and information coming out, TFS 2005 is getting pretty close to shipping.  We’ve entered what we call “escrow”.  That means we think we’ve fixed everything we need to fix and are performing our final full test pass to ensure that there haven’t been any new bugs introduced… Read more