Another TFS success story

Here’s a great post from someone who had some success with TFS and advocates using a team development system no matter what kind of project you are doing…!34D9D1C17F9DBFD8!209.entry Brian… Read more

TFS Proxy Testimonial

Martin Woodward has posted a cool article on his blog with his experiences setting up a TFS proxy server and the results he got with it: Brian… Read more

Exporting Areas and Iterations

A couple of days ago someone asked me how to export the areas and iterations from one project and be able to use them as a template to create other projects.  Creating a set of pre-defined Areas & Iterations is a feature of the TFS process templates.  In this post I’ve included a sample to… Read more

August DevDiv TFS Dogfood Statistics

Another month, a lot more growth.  We continue the process of onboarding teams and growing the data.  Here’s the updated data for August and (now that I’m using a decent blog editing tool) I can start including some cool graphs in these posts 🙂     Users Recent users: 776 (up 30) Users with assigned… Read more

An important milestone for TFS training

This week we held what we call our “Beta Teach” of our 300 level training material in Chicago.  A “Beta Teach” is when we think we have all of the content ready and we bring in a group of people (in this case, about 20) and actually teach a class.  The goal is to figure… Read more

More Expirations Coming Soon…

This blog post has been replaced by: I have removed tha attached utility from this post as it is out of date.  Please see the post above for a newer version. Brian ———————  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the impending expirations of TFS Release Candidate installations and Trial installations that were installed soon… Read more

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server Deployment Topology

Given how much I talk about our internal “dogfooding” of TFS on this blog, I thought you might be interested in seeing a diagram of what our internal deployment actually looks like.  This diagram was put together by our IT department a couple of weeks ago.  It shows the basic network topology, regions we have servers… Read more

TFS Trial Edition and Release Candidate Expirations

We are rapidly approaching 6 months since TFS released. Yeah, that’s right – Isn’t it amazing how time flies?  I’ve started to see a rash of emails from people who are discovering that their TFS trial Edition and Release Candidate installs are expiring. I’m sad to say that you don’t get any warning that this… Read more

Whitepaper on our TFS Dogfood deploytment

Our IT operations team put together a whitepaper here Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an Enterprise-Wide Service Technical Case Study that describes how they have rolled out the TFS service offering here at Microsoft.  It describes how one team provides TFS projects to any product group in Microsoft that wants to use it. … Read more

July DevDiv dogfood statistics

Holy Toledo!  The growth in data on our dogfood server just isn’t slowing down.  The file count (in particular) is really rocketing.  We’re now over 33 million (yes, million) files and I don’t see any evidence that it’s going to slow down soon.  A while ago, I predicted that we’d hit 100 million this year… Read more