Team Foundation Service RTM

Today, we announced that the Team Foundation Service has released.  Read more about it on the service web site here: I wanted to provide a bit of my own commentary (beyond what I put on the web site news)… Our original plan was to hold RTM until all the billing infrastructure is in place. … Read more

Manual testing in the browser

In my Update 1 preview post 6 weeks ago, I described a new capability enabling test case management and manual testing from within a browser, rather than having to install Test Professional on the target machine.  Unfortunately, we had to make the decision a couple of weeks ago to pull that from Update 1.  That,… Read more

Team Foundation Service Updates – Oct 29th

Yesterday, we deployed our sprint 38 work to the service.  You can read the release notes on the service here: Other than some bug fixes, this sprint was primarily about our build automation features.  We announced the new build drops feature, the ability to download builds as zips and the ability to view and… Read more

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 – Final CTP

UPDATE Nov-28 2012 Update 1 has now released and the final CTP is no longer available.  See this post for more info: Today we released the final CTP of Visual Studio 2012 Update 1.  You can visit the download page here.  You can also learn more about the this CTP from Chuck’s post on… Read more

MSDN subscribers worldwide get Pluralsight Starter Subscription

Today we announced that MSDN subscribers around the world are eligible for a 12-month Pluralsight training subscription. We originally made this limited-time benefit available to our US subscribers over the summer.  Due to the great response and feedback from our customers, we’re excited to expand this benefit globally through December 11, 2012! The Pluralsight Starter… Read more

Building a goat barn

It’s been a long time since my last farm post.  As I’m just wrapping up a major project, I figure now is a good time to provide an update.  When we first bought the farm, we thought our primary activity was going to be goats.  After doing some research on difficulty of raising goats, market… Read more

Codeplex upgraded to TFS 2012

I haven’t been blogging about it regularly (because there’s a separate Codeplex blog) but Codeplex continues to march forward.  We’ve done some good work on pull request workflow, work on streamlining and bringing forward the code focused experience, etc.  This last week, we also upgraded our Codeplex TFS servers to TFS 2012.  This means that… Read more