TFS Databases growing out of control

Several months ago I first started hearing customer reports of TFS databases growing out of control.  Every once in a while I’d hear of someone with a database growing by 100GB a week or something equally nutty.  Previously that had been the result of someone checking in crazy amounts of data – A few years… Read more

Lab Management improvements in TFS 11

The Team Foundation Server 11 Developer Preview introduces a number of simplifications and enhancements in Lab Management.  The primary one you will notice in the developer preview is the introduction of ‘Standard environments’.    Here is a brief summary of what Standard environments are and what you can do with them. Ever since we released Lab… Read more

Multi-line test steps available in Microsoft Test Manager, among other things…

Along with the launch of the Team Foundation Service preview we announced at the BUILD conference, we released a new client patch for the VS 2010 family of products.  You can get it here: (or you can find the link on the Team Foundation Preview service web page). You’ll see that it’s called “Visual… Read more