Praktik Hosting of Team Foundation Server

I’ve seen a lot of companies asking themselves whether they want to host their own ALM solution or pay someone else to do it.  Most are still deciding to do it for themselves but I see more people deciding to let someone else do it every year.  Being able to rely on someone else to… Read more

Final TFS Beta 2 Test Patch is Available

Today we are releasing the final TFS Beta 2 test patch.  This patch is for the client and has a few nice bug fixes in it.  Again, if you get the chance to try it out, please let me know if you have any issues. or Note, the link is still in… Read more

VS 2010 & .NET 4 Public Release Candidate Planned

I’ve written extensively in the last few weeks about the feedback we’ve gotten from our Beta 2.  I hope you can tell we’ve heard your feedback, we are taking it very seriously and are committed to shipping a product that you love.  I’m grateful for all of the feedback you’ve given.  I’m also grateful to… Read more

Update on Debugger Perf

One of the things we got a lot of performance feedback on in Beta 2 was the debugger.  We’ve been working hard on it since Beta 2 and it’s looking much better.  There was no single thing that was a magic bullet that made everything go faster – but rather a whole lot of small… Read more

Proof point for improved TFS 2010 manageability

As you know we’re a big believer in dogfooding the products we are building and TFS has a long history of it.  Dogfooding of TFS 2010 started even before Beta 1 shipped, both inside our team and with a few other groups in Microsoft.  One of those groups was a team in MSIT that was… Read more

GamCom Talmia – A very cool process automation tool for TFS

GamCom have just released a video demo of Talmia, their innovative process workflow tool for Team Foundation Server. The video shows how an example development process can be implemented so that work items are created and updated automatically along with relevant email alerts, escalation criteria and more. Updates are made interactively in response to user… Read more

Why do we require NDAs on our SLCTPs?

Last night, I got the following question in email and it seemed like a good one and worth sharing the answer more broadly. I’m just a bit curious about why you have an NDA for your SLCTP’s. The purpose of NDA’s is to prevent people talking about all the new great stuff in upcoming releases…. Read more

Blend Feedback on SLCTP1

About a week ago the Blend team upgraded to our SLCTP1 build (Super-Limited Community Technology Preview).  We’re starting to get some anecdotal feedback from them and we’re planning to do another survey this coming week that will include everyone who tried SLCTP1 (a couple of internal teams and over 50 external customers).  Before I share… Read more