VSTS 2008 Database Professional GDR Ships!

The long awaited update for VSTS 2008 Database professional is now available.  You may have been following the many pre-releases (CTPs, RCs, etc).  This is the final update. The biggest new feature in this update is support for SQLServer 2008 but there’s a great deal more.  Among my favorite are support for offline database development… Read more

A new TFS add-on from Teamprise

Teamprise has released a new TFS add-on called Teamprise Remote Accelerator.  It is a solution similar to the TFS proxy but is designed for single user remote scenarios.  It functions exactly like a TFS proxy but can easily be run on your local client and polls the server to “prefetch” files so that they are… Read more

Coolest Team System Gadget

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that one of our MVPs (Mike Azocar) was running a “Coolest Team System Gadget” contest.  He has just announced the winner of the contest: Mathew Rowan for TFS Working On, a tool to help you track the time you spend on tasks.  The tool is availble on CodePlex… Read more

Community Translations of Team System Web Access

A few months ago some of our MVPs expressed interest in creating some translations of Team System Web Access.  We looked into it and concluded that enabling it would be pretty straight forward and seemed like a great way to experiment with a new way of interacting with the community.  Thus was born the TSWA… Read more

Extending the new TFS Team Members Power Tool

The October release of the Team Foundation Power Tools includes a new feature called “Team Members” that allows you to collaborate with your team even better.  One of the features is integration with instant messaging that allows you to see presence, IM, video, audio, etc from inside Team Explorer.  You can read more about the… Read more

Common Oct ’08 TFS Power Tools Questions

This post is going to be my periodically updated list of answers to questions/problems that I hear about.  I’ll get right to it… Last updated 12/2/08 1) Login problems with the TFS Windows Shell Extension – Right now the shell extension only supports contact TFS with your default Windows credentials (using integrated authentication).  This won’t… Read more

Oct ’08 TFS Power Tools are Available!

Yes, I know it’s November now 🙁  We had originally planned to release them about two weeks ago but an early release to our MVP showed us that we still had work left to do to really get it ready.  You can read about all the cool new stuff in this release here: http://blogs.msdn.com/bharry/archive/2008/10/01/preview-of-the-next-tfs-power-tools-release.aspx.  We… Read more

Getting the VS 2010 CTP running on Hyper-V

I’ve seen people run into some issues doing this and one of the guys on our team wrote a good blog post on things you need to do.  Check this out if you are trying to use the VS/VSTS/TFS 2010 CTP under hyper-V: http://blogs.msdn.com/granth/archive/2008/11/03/converting-vs2010-ctp-to-hyper-v.aspx Brian… Read more

Microsoft Development Software for the "little guy"

Something came across my desk today that really peaked my interest.  There was a discussion about how expensive software can be for individuals, startups, etc.  Someone forwarded a link to a new program that Microsoft is launching for startups that enables people to get a small startup going with just about all the software they… Read more