Final word on unexpected VS 2008 Beta 2 expirations

The final mitigation for our unexpectedly expiring VS/VSTS/TFS 2008 Beta 2 VPC is now in place.  Yesterday we uploaded new VPC images with the expirations changed.  Again, remember that the issue only affects VPC images.  If you installed the actual setups, there will not be any early expiration issue. Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta… Read more

Bug handling on Connect & Transparency

I’ve blogged a fair about over the past couple of years on transparency in our process.  I’ve also advocated for it a great deal internally.  This post caught my eye today both because it is a great commentary on transparency and a great description of how we handle bugs that customers enter throught the… Read more

Team System Widgets

I think I blogged about this site a couple of years ago but they recently improved it and it’s worth another mention.  This is the best site I’ve ever seen for finding a handy list of the multitude of additional Team System add-ons.  I frequently complain to our marketing team asking “Why can’t we have… Read more

TFS plugin compatibility between TFS 2005 and TFS 2008

As I’ve written many times, we strove to maintain a very high degree of compatibility between TFS 2005 and TFS 2008.  One result is that either client can be used with either server.  However, our success was not without exceptions.  One of those is that any code you’ve compiled against the TFS 2005 object model… Read more

TFS 2008 System Recommendations

We have just completed our testing for TFS 2008 scalability and are ready to publish the final recommendations on server sizing and hardware configurations.  If you want to compare this to the TFS 2005 recommendations, you will find them here. Ultimately making capacity recommendations is a little like throwing darts at a board.  The problem… Read more

Final set of TFS test patches released

Over the weekend we released the final set of TFS 2008 test patches for Beta 2 (see below for links).  As I described in an earlier post, these patches fix real bugs but are primarily to allow us to test our servicing process and make sure that by the time TFS 2008 ships we are able… Read more

TeamCompanion – A new TFS Add-on for Outlook

Check out TeamCompanion by Ekobit.  It’s a new Outlook add-on that allow you to work with TFS work items inside Outlook.  In addition to email integration and you favorite Outlook list management features, it also provides read-only offline access to you work items.  They have a 30-day free trial here.  Try it out and let… Read more

Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)

We recently did a small reorg and my team is now responsible for the MSF components that ship in Visual Studio Team System.  This means I now need to understand it even better than I do now and work to make sure it’s delivering everything you want.  Coincidentally, Jeff Beehler wrote a post asking for… Read more

Team Foundation Operations Guide

Yesterday Jeff Beehler announced the availability of a new Team Foundation Server Operations Guide.  This guide was assembled by the VSTS Rangers team in coordination with the TFS team.  It augments the product documentation with additional guidance and best practices for managing/operating a Team Foundation Server. It includes: An explanation of a full TFS deployment topology… Read more