Some great new TFS add-ons

Mitch Denny has been hard at work publishing the source to a bunch of TFS add-ons he’s been working on.  Read about them on his blog links below and us know how useful they are to you… TFS File Sharer – Mimics SourceSafe like file sharing. TFS Continuous Integrator – A TFS 2005 based continuous… Read more

December ’07 Release of the TFS Power Tools for TFS 2008 are Available!

Today we released the first version of the Team Foundation Server 2008 Power Tools.  This new release is primarily intended for use with a VS 2008 client.  All VS integrated components with this new release will only integrate with VS 2008.  Power Tool features in this release require that the Team Explorer 2008 be installed. … Read more

Changing what drive TFS databases are on

I got a question recently about how to change what drive the TFS SQL databases are installed on.  It seemed like a question many people might want the answer to, so I decided to post about it. The first thing the poster noticed was that they changed the default database location in SQL Server Management… Read more

Survey Season

In this season of the greatest survey of all (your holiday wish list), we seem to be brimming with surveys.  I posted about on on the language change tool last week.  Today I have another one to tell you about.  Our Admin and ops team is trying to get a picture of the variety of… Read more

TFS "Change Language" tool

After we released TFS 2005, we shipped a set of guidance and tools for helping customers change their TFS server from English to a localized version.  It was fairly “do it yourself”, consisting of a lot of manual steps and a few tools to help you.  None-the-less, many hundreds (maybe a couple thousand – I… Read more

Installing Sharepoint on Windows Server 2008

I saw an internal mail about this today and it seemed like something worth sharing.  Now that Sharepoint is no longer included in Windows Server 2008, you have to install it yourself.  Further, when installing TFS on Windows 2008, the TFS installation process won’t automatically install Sharepoint (this is due to the fact that there… Read more

A new community project based on TFS

Martin Woodward brought a new community project to my attention today.  The project is based on the concept of an internal tool we have here at Microsoft called “Gauntlet”.  Gauntlet was orginally created by the IE team in the 1996-1997 timeframe and has gone through many interations and is now widely used internally (although there… Read more

Visual SourceSafe 2005 update released

Yesterday we released an update to VSS 2005 to address customer reported issues and ensure that it will work seamlessly with VS 2008.  Any licensed SourceSafe 2005 user can download and install the update here.  You can read more about the update on Richard’s blog post. We’re eager to hear any feedback you have. Thanks,… Read more

December ’07 DevDiv Dogfood Statistics

The massive spike that I’ve been foreboding for a long while now has started.  In the last month the momentum towards moving the entire division over to TFS has really picked up.  A significant fraction of the branches for the development of the next version of Visual Studio/.NET Framework have been created.  Overall, I expect… Read more

TFS Statistics update

Long ago I published a post on some of the queries I use to monitor data on our internal servers.  Someone asked me to update it for TFS 2008 and I went back and tried them.  Only a few needed tweaks.  Here’s an update on the queries. Here they are… use TfsWorkItemTracking — Users with… Read more