Updated look for TreeDiff

Well, among other things, it’s now called Folder Diff 🙂 We’ve been doing a lot of work on Folder Diff as part of incorporating it into the Orcas release of TFS.  Some key new features include: An improved look (I think :), you can be the judge though). A summery bar that lists counts of… Read more

Moving your TFS SharePoint site

We’ve gotten tons of requests since we shipped TFS v1.0 from customers who want more flexibility with the configuration of the SharePoint server that TFS uses.  Some want to use a SharePoint web farm that they already have.  Others want to use a pre-existing web site.  And still others want to change the port #… Read more

Update on "Some days"…

The wheels have been turning on my promise to investigate making hot fixes more widely available.  It hasn’t unfurled quite the way I had pictured but I’m still pretty happy with the result.  The hot fixes with be made available through http://connect.microsoft.com and downloading them will require registration so that we have some way to… Read more

October DevDiv TFS Dogfood Statistics

A lot has been happening this last month.  We’ve pretty much locked down TFS2005 SP1 and have been making good progress on the Orcas release.  A couple of weeks ago I posted about the performance improvements coming in Orcas – the picture there only continues to get better as we continue to find small things… Read more

New TFS – Project Server Connector available

Around Beta1 of TFS V1 we created a “sample” to demonstrate how to connect TFS to Project Server and synchronize task information.  It was a pretty basic sample and required a lot of work to turn it into a solution.  Further, as TFS evolved through the rest of the V1 cycle we didn’t keep the… Read more

Orcas Version Control Performance Improvements

I’m heading to Disney World for the week in the morning so I may not be blogging too much next week (we’ll see what my wife has to say about it :)) Today I was reviewing some results from some performance work we are doing for Version Control in the Orcas release.  We are also… Read more

The Training That Just Won’t Die

Our training saga continue but is approaching closure – 2 steps forward, 1 step back. The 300 level content is complete and available.  Remember that it is really designed for a classroom setting with a trained trainer.  If you fit this category you can visit http://connect.microsoft.com. Click on “My participation” on the left. Login in… Read more

A new look for Annotate

We’ve been refining annotate for inclusion in Orcas (BTW, I’ll be blogging about all the cool TFS features coming in Orcas soon).  We’ve been hooking up lots of nice features, like integrating it with history, diff, more editor features, implementing accessibility, keyboard and more right click menu support and more.  We’ve also been refining the look… Read more

Visual Studio SP1 Feedback

I am looking to solicit feedback on what people think about SP1 so far.  I realize it’s only been a week or so but I’ve been searching the web looking for feedback.  I’ve seen a bit… Lot’s of discussion around Vista support Complaints about the client install being big and taking too long Observation of… Read more