SharePoint 2013 App Model: How to view list, list settings inside app

Tip#1: SharePoint hosted app

Microsoft bring with new development approach “app” framework in SharePoint 2013 and whenever a new version of SharePoint brings a new development approach, developer often face some internal challenges.

In SharePoint 2013 each app create a new “app web” inside the “host web”. SharePoint App web does not own setting page or any navigation to traverse to list, list settings.

In this blog post I will provide you some useful tips about app model

View List and List Settings: In normal scenario when we create any list using SharePoint host apps, there is no default option to see the list and go to list settings






I have created the list with Name “QuickStatus” but there is no option for directly go to the list and view the content.


  • In order to go to the list directly type the name of the list after your app name

Example: “<AppName>/Lists/QuickStatus/Allitems.aspx”


  • To View List Settings Click on the “Modify View” from the ribbon. You will see the “Settings” link on the top as shown in below screen. Click on the link and you will redirect to setting page.





You  can also directly open in the browser by specifying the URL as shown in below screen by specifying the list id.



Hope this will help!

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  1. zuri says:

    this helped me !!

  2. Suresh Pydi says:

    Nice one. Here is the post explaing basics of sharepoint 2013 app model.…/sharepoint-2013-app-model.html

  3. test says:

    Thankx a lot…

  4. Prasanna says:

    Nice article

  5. Mohamed From Egypt says:

    Thank you so much. you saved me a lot of time

  6. Gourav Jain says:


    Its great but still would like to know, if we create a list inside an app web and store content in it once it is launched from the host web. But next time with few changes if I deploy or publish the app, again the same list will be created and it will be empty. though I want to keep the contents inside the list entact.

  7. xuantiep says:

    Thanks a lot

  8. Bharat Gupta says:

    @Gaurav, You need to go for app upgrade instead of installing each time.

  9. Murali Golla says:

    There is a simple trick to see the app web site contents by typing in the URL /_layouts/15/mcontent.aspx as a suffix to your app web URL.

    Please have a look at my blog post for detailed information on this.…/how-to-view-sharepoint-app-web-site-contents.html

  10. jayant says:

    I have a sharepoint list in one of the page. I’m using this list as reference table inside a web app (sharepoint) when i deployed the web app and i click on the web app (referenced to sharepoint list) It says You do not have permission to view the records. To obtain permission, contact your site administrator. Do you know what i’m missing..

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