Useful Windows Live Links

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Send to Mobile

You have to check this out (it’s cool, trust me): Go to (it’s a Local search for Bouchee Crêperie and Café Fremont from the point of view of someone sitting in Seattle) Click on “Send to Mobile” Enter your cell phone’s number – assuming it can get an SMS message Go to your cellphone and…

Ultra-Mobile PC

This thing is amazing! It runs Windows XP (Vista once that ships) and all apps that run on Windows. Check out the experience (the UI, apps, etc.) at Check out the devices at    And it looks like you can buy one in April!


Voice Regognition in Windows Vista

I can’t wait! Chris Henley has a great video showing how voice recognition is built into Windows Vista. Check it out at   


Microsoft Student 2006

I don’t have kids and I’m way past the 8th grade. However, I am very jealous that I didn’t have anything as cool as Microsoft Student 2006 when I was in school. There is a great review of it by a father and son who give it two thumbs up at

How can Microsoft help change the world?

I’ve been doing some thinking and figured I would ask the blogsphere…. How would you combine all of these different assets to enable our customers and partners to change the world? It seems like we have a lot of stuff (facilities, patents, technologies, experts, training, and other) that could be combined in some way, but…


Microsoft Technologies Available for Licensing

This is pretty amazing. We are making quite a few technologies available for others to build products with. I think most of them come via Microsoft Research. See for information on how to license them. Business Week has a good article about it too. As of today (May 4, 2005), here is the list…


Microsoft Small Business Center, a Tablet PC, and a 5-year old

A friend of mine has a very talented 5-year old daughter who has been using a Tablet PC to draw pictures. You can see her hard at work on a Tablet PC at Her dad, Paul, has used Microsoft’s Small Business Center (was called bCentral) to make these available to anyone willing to purchase his…

Using the netsh Command-Line Tool to Fix Connection Problems

I was recently helping someone in Chicago with an interesting problem that led to me using the netsh command-line tool, which I had never used before.     The Problem When she would dial into her ISP, she would connect to the ISP, but could not get to any web sites. I noticed that even though…

SOA Demo on MSDN’s Channel 9

Our video is now live on To repeat the explanation of this demo, which originated in e-mail from me to the Scobleizer himself is:   I work in the Redmond MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) and we have a very interesting Service Oriented Architecture solution that uses InfoPath, BizTalk, ASP.NET Web Services, RPG on an AS/400, CICS…