I’ve got a new job: Leaving the MTC, joining Windows Live!

I am moving to the MSN / Windows Live team! I have been working with the Microsoft Technology Centers for a few years now, and have been focused on the “enterprise” customer space for my entire 12 years here at Microsoft. So, it’s time to move. I am joining a group within MSN that does…


Traveling the world, missing our dogs

Lorie and I are visiting Microsoft Technology Centers and squeezing in some vacation in Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei, Dubai, Frankfurt, Zurich, Milan, Venice, San Francisco/Berkeley, and who knows where else. Even though this ‘Round The World trip is amazing (in only 25 days), we miss our dogs. They are pictured here while they stay with Kerry,…


Why I work at Microsoft

I recently posted my resume on my blog, and this resulted in a few people to contact me wondering if I wanted to leave Microsoft. My answer is always “NO”. Here is what I love about my job, which is my minimum bar before even considering working somewhere else.   I get to work with…


How can Microsoft help change the world?

I’ve been doing some thinking and figured I would ask the blogsphere…. How would you combine all of these different assets to enable our customers and partners to change the world? It seems like we have a lot of stuff (facilities, patents, technologies, experts, training, and other) that could be combined in some way, but…


Brian Groth’s Resumé/CV

In the spirit of transparency and open communication, here is my resumé/CV so you can know a bit more about me. Brian Groth Resumé/CV As of July 2010 Brian.Groth@microsoft.com /  www.BrianGroth.com   Highlights & Summary       Primary Strengths (as verified with my current and previous managers) Capacity to execute at a business and…


A $20 Cookie for Katrina Victims

Here is how I just paid $20 for a chocolate chip cookie: Sara Ford works here at Microsoft She grew up in Waveland, MS which was hit by hurricane Katrina Her parents house was flooded and the entire community needs help Sara decided to help MSNBC contacted her about it MSNBC then went and interviewed…


Balanced Scorecard

I recently finished reading Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step by Paul R. Niven and if you manage any part of a business, then I highly suggest reading this book. It’s pretty dry reading, but the concepts and how he guides you through it are very good. Of course, the most difficult part of putting together a balanced…


XBox 360 Design Review

A friend of mine (Alan Shen) helped develop the UI and pointed me to a good write-up of the process that went into creating the UI for the XBox 360. The article is at http://www.designinteract.com/features/xbox/  We don’t own an XBox right now, or even a regular TV (just a PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition),…


Theo’s Last Hop: Our Rabbit’s Eulogy

For some reason, I feel like sharing this with anyone who is interested: Theo’s time was up, so today Lorie and I took him to the vet for his final visit, and we didn’t return home with him. He was almost 9 years old and due to some internal complications, he no longer enjoyed eating….


The start of something exciting

Watch Steve Ballmer’s interview on Channel 9 to get an idea of how excited Steve is (and I’d say everyone else at Microsoft too) about the future of the software business and what it can do for the world. I know I agree! It is one of the big reasons why I enjoy working with…