BioDiesel Update: 33mpg on 100% vegetables (no petroleum)

A few people have asked me how the VW New Beetle (does anyone call it that, or just a “bug”?) is running on BioDiesel since my last post. I am happy to report that even though we drive it as if it were a sports car, since our other car is a Volvo wagon, it…


BioDiesel = No Problem

A quick update to my BioDiesel question. We have now filled up our new diesel VW Beetle (the TDI model) with 100% BioDiesel, which I think is all soy beans in this country (USA). I am happy to report that the car drives exactly like it did with regular diesel in it. I wasn’t sure…


BioDiesel Question

Does anyone out there have any experience or knowledge regarding the use of BioDiesel in a regular diesel engine? I am thinking of getting a diesel VW Bug (the TDI), but I want to run BioDiesel in it. I understand there is a Chevron in Bellevue that sells BioDiesel.


Electric-powered breaks 300mph

When I was at Western Washington University, I got to see one of their solar cars. They usually did pretty good in a variety of solar car races. This electric car from Ohio State University isn’t solar powered, but since all solar cars are electric cars (I think), then maybe one day we can have…


Time to eat healthy

I am now convinced that fast food is a really, really, bad thing. Sure, it tastes good, but two recent events have made me a rather concerned: Dan, my brother-in-law, told Lorie and me quite a bit about the book Fast Food Nation – we were afraid to read it. We just watched the movie Super…


Environmental Education via Software

I just ran across the EELink site and had to share it with you. They have a huge list of educational software that is focused on environmental issues.  <My Personal Soap Box>I’m not trying to endorse any of these products, but if you have kids, please help educate them on current environmental issues and what…

Solar Powered Jacket

In a recent post, I mentioned a solar powered backpack and I just got some feedback that those are now shipping, along with messenger bags and other stuff with solar panels in them. Today I ran across Solar SCOTTeVEST that has solar panels built into the back of the jacket! So I could walk around…