Build apps without writing code: Popfly

Microsoft just announced Popfly and once it is available for everyone to use, we can all build interesting applications on the web, all without writing code. Michael Gannotti explains it best on his blog. 


MSF Agile

I just came across the core ideas behind the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development, which you can download. After you download the content, you can find the following information, which I think are great points to keep in mind while running any project: Partner with Customers – Customer validation is often the…


SOA Demo on MSDN’s Channel 9

Our video is now live on To repeat the explanation of this demo, which originated in e-mail from me to the Scobleizer himself is:   I work in the Redmond MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) and we have a very interesting Service Oriented Architecture solution that uses InfoPath, BizTalk, ASP.NET Web Services, RPG on an AS/400, CICS…


TulaFale: A Security Tool for Web Services

TulaFala looks to be pretting interesting. It is part of the Samoa Project from Microsoft Research in Cambridge. See The description of the problem and the project sounds impressive, and useful: An XML web service is, to a first approximation, a wide-area RPC service in which requests and responses are encoded in XML as SOAP envelopes, and…


Script to invoke the current user’s screen saver

Thanks to The Scripting Dude for this script, which I made a small correction to. Save it as a .vbs file and run it to invoke the screen saver for the currently logged on user.   ‘ This script runs the screen saver associated to the current user. Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject (“”) Set WMIService…


VB Script to get list of services into an Excel list

Borrowing some code from the following from the TechNet Script Repository for Office:   Format a range of cells List Service Data in a Spreadsheet List Excel Color Values I was able to make a little VB Script app that lists all of the services on my Windows XP box, format the column headers, and…


Improved Command-Line with Web Services App

Thanks to Darshan Singh from My simple app now formats the XML before displaying it to you. Here’s the code – I know I learned something from it, so hopefully you can too: set SOAPClient = createobject(“MSSOAP.SOAPClient”)SOAPClient.mssoapinit “”Dim responseEnv Dim displayStr Set responseEnv = CreateObject(“MSXML2.DOMDocument.3.0”) responseEnv.loadXML(SOAPClient.GetQuote(wscript.arguments(0))) displayStr = responseEnv.selectSingleNode(“/StockQuotes/Stock/Name”).nodeTypedValue displayStr = displayStr + “…


Command-line with Web Services and Arguments

I added the small feature of being able to pass an argument to the Stock.vbs file so you can pass it any stock quote. My Stock.vbs file is: set SOAPClient = createobject(“MSSOAP.SOAPClient”)SOAPClient.mssoapinit “”WScript.Echo wscript.arguments(0) & ” = ” & SOAPClient.GetQuote(wscript.arguments(0)) The part in bold is the change from a previous post that allows the argument. To…


Call a Web Service from a Command-Line

For all you command-line freaks out there, I hope you know about Microsoft’s scripting technologies. Hopefully you are also aware that web services is the hot new thing and is certainly a great way to architect solutions these days. So, combining those two things (WS+Script), here is how to call a web service from a…


Visual Studio Express links

Some feedback from my last post asked for links to something other than just the .exe files. So, here you go: VB:  C#: C++: SQL: J#:  Web Dev: Have fun and please, go build some great Smart Clients. Then tell me about it and I’ll happily link to it from…