The Windows Store and your Brand Strategy

What strategy do you have to leverage Windows 8 applications for your brand? A few ideas include:

  1. A news reader related to your industry, which updates the live tile with the latest news that your consumers would care about. Think of baby-related news for a diapers brand. 
  2. A city guide that highlights your stores, with updates pushed to the live tile with the latest discounts.
  3. A shopping app for your online store that uses the live tile to highlight products I might be interested in based on previous purchases.

Now that the Windows Store is open for business, it’s time to start uploading apps that support your brand strategy. Whatever strategy you take, you’ll want to get familiar with the following:

  1. Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8
  2. Developing Apps for Windows 8
  3. Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 (latest version)

Stealing from the Azure Toolkit, I suggest an architecture like this for your apps, with the cloud service and notification service running on Azure. 

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