Big Data for Lead Generation

Going back to the idea of Technopology, I’ve started thinking about how the idea of “Big Data” comes into play, because analyzing large sets of data about your customers and your industry can create useful insights for sales and marketing. There are early adopters with this thinking and more and more businesses are beginning to…


I now have a approved and official United States patent

In 2005, I received a patent cube, which is what Microsoft gives an employee for having a patent submitted. Now, I am proud to say that patent number 8243897, “Automatic Detection and Notification of Proximity of Persons of Interest” is now an official United States patent and I am listed as the inventor. Upon a…


The Windows Store and your Brand Strategy

What strategy do you have to leverage Windows 8 applications for your brand? A few ideas include: A news reader related to your industry, which updates the live tile with the latest news that your consumers would care about. Think of baby-related news for a diapers brand.  A city guide that highlights your stores, with…


Microsoft’s new tech for marketing technopologists

Microsoft has been busy releasing new technologies that a marketing technopologist should be interested in. Remember, I roughly define “marketing technopology” as tech+social for marketing purposes. Or to put another way, the technology and social capabilities that marketers can leverage to create engaging solutions for their brands. With this blog entry, I want to give…


My Infographic Resumé / CV

I have been thinking about how to update my previous infographic resume and I’ve finally put the finishing touches on it. Introducing… the April 2012 version of my Infographic Resume:  


Increase Your Influence at Work

I have been doing quite a bit of cross-organizational work lately, and very much at a grass-roots level. I just ran across a book that summarizes the tactics I’ve been using, which all seem to be working well for me, so I’m sharing them here with you. The book is “Increase Your Influence at Work”…


Social is part of a brand strategy

I often discuss brand strategy with people and since I also focus on social media, I usually end up explaining my point of view regarding how social media can be used as part of an overall brand strategy. I’m happy to say that we (Microsoft) are now going public with this point of view. Keith…


Using IFTTT to Curate Content

I write this blog post to share my experiences to curate content for my Tumblr account with the “If This, Then That” service. I use the service to repost items from Twitter, Google Reader and the Microsoft Advertising blog. However, I apply some logic to what gets posted to my Tumblr account and I add…


My Favorites from TechFest 2012

Checking out the latest and greatest technologies is one of the coolest things I get to do at Microsoft. Not that it’s really part of my job, but since I love new tech, I make a point to try and keep up. One of the great ways to keep up is by attending the annual,…


Bringing People Powered Stories into Brand Advertising

Earlier today, Jennifer Creegan introduced People Powered Stories, which is something I’m proud to have been a part of the effort to bring it to market. It’s a new way for advertisers to incorporate real peoples’ ratings and reviews about their products within a rich brand ad.  A few quotes that I want to highlight…