Brian Groth’s Online Social Media Life

I am keeping this blog, as my miscellaneous blog about technologies, management, and leadership at Microsoft. But I'll probably update it less often (if that's possible) since I am starting up a new blog at to focus on advertising related to social media and whatever topics might end up being related to them. This is of course related to how people share stuff online, aka, word-of-mouth.

Here is how I personally do that: While I dabble in a variety of social networking sites, I do the bulk of my sharing with my close friends and family on Windows Live via Spaces, SkyDrive, Hotmail (yes, e-mail is still the #1 way to share online), and Messenger. This blog and my blog on MSDN are work related, so they're for anyone who's interested. I of course am also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but I view these as a place for quick little comments back and forth between friends and acquaintances.

I do however, have my Windows Live profile associated to all these other services so that it gets updated whenever I do some sort of sharing on the web. For example, I can make a comment on a YouTube video, add something to iLike, schedule a trip on TripIt, update one of my other blogs, or write something on Twitter: all of it gets written to my Windows Live profile. I do this so my friends and family can simply follow me on Windows Live regardless of where on the web I'm being active. They don't have to care where on the web I'm active, they can see it on Windows Live.

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