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Business and Marketing Leadership Tips Below are my blog entries that are related to leadership, management, and marketing. I don’t post very often anymore, but when I read up on something interesting, I will add it to the list.   Marketing New approaches to sales and marketing plans Buzz Marketing The Future of Marketing (is…


Build apps without writing code: Popfly

Microsoft just announced Popfly and once it is available for everyone to use, we can all build interesting applications on the web, all without writing code. Michael Gannotti explains it best on his blog. 

Windows Live Hotmail Ships

The Hotmail team’s blog says it all and you can also check it out before upgrading, Soon you will be able to use Outlook to get to your Hotmail, and it will be VERY fast. That means you can use the best e-mail client (Outlook 2007) with a free e-mail server (Hotmail), then when you are…


Useful Windows Live Links

Messenger: PC Client Version 8.1 / Mobile Client / Mobile Browser / Add-Ins / Online Help / Service Status / Support Blog / Newsgroup Discussions / Authorized Vendors / Team Blog / FeedbackHotmail: Web Version / PC Client Version / Mobile Client / FeedbackSpaces: Web Version / Mobile Browser / Windows Live Writer / Feedback

Measuring Your Marketing

How do you know where to invest your marketing dollars, how much to invest, and if you are getting a good return for that investment? I just read “Marketing and the Bottom Line” which covers these topics and stresses the importance of measuring the impact of your marketing. Among other things, it has a great…