Designing Cool Websites

Check out the Microsoft Expression Blend product to “create engaging web-connected experiences for Windows”. Scoble even just blogged about it, sort of. Check out the features on the Blend page (just hover over each one) and you’ll see how cool it is. Now if I only had time to play around with it and develop something! I…


Marketing 2.0 Manifesto

John Dodds has an interesting list of things to keep in mind if you are in any sort of role related to, or in, Marketing. See his Marketing 2.0 Minifesto


Search for Management and Leadership Topics

Yes, I am playing with information from the Live Search blog regarding SiteOwner searches. Enter a topic here to find a management or leadership article I have written:


Staying in Touch via Windows Live

So far, the following is working quite well for us to stay in contact with friends and family: Run Windows Live Messenger: and login when you are online – make sure we are setup as each other’s “buddies”. Get the Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000 so we can see each other via Video, plus of course talk…


Landed in London

We’ve made it and I’m now working out of the London office. I will now be focused on the following products for all countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: Windows Live Messenger: See Windows Live Spaces: See Windows Live Mail (and Hotmail until WL Mail replaces it): See If you…


London Calling

In a few days I will be wrapping up my duties in Redmond and Lorie (wife), Milo (dog), and I will hit the road for a much needed vacation to visit friends and family around the USA. As of October 1st, we should be living full time in London. Once there, I will be a…


Monitoring the Buzz

Cameron Olthuis offers a good list of things to monitor to track the buzz going on regarding your brand. Company name Company URL Public facing figures Product names Product URLs The industry “hang outs” Employee activity/blogs Conversations Brand image Competitors And then Jeremiah Owyang adds 7 more to the list: Images/Videos (I also say podcasts)…


Busy with Windows Live products

I will mostly be focused on Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Live Spaces once I move to London in September or October, but check out the ever-growing list of products that I will also be involved with in one way or another: see Just How Many Windows Live Services Are There? That’s a huge list, and it doesn’t…


Brands To Be Passionate About

I just skimmed through “Creating Passionbrands” by Helen Edwards and Derek Day and liked a few of their ideas regarding creating and managing a brand. First off, a “passionbrand” is a brand that stands for something more than just a product, also sometimes known as a “cause-based” brand. Marketers must understand a brand’s basic essence…