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I received a request today from William Prado to help drive people to a study he is doing that is very similar to many of my blog entries. Instead of describing it myself, I have copied the text he wrote for me. Please note that neither Microsoft or I have anything to do with this survey. I am simply trying to help William with his research project.  


I am a doctoral student at University of Phoenix, working on a Doctor of Business Administration degree. I am conducting a research study and this is an invitation to participate. The purpose of the study is to examine environmental uncertainty perceptions associated with cross-border business.

If you have entered a foreign market (for example, your company extended credit to a buyer in a new market for the first time, or invested in a new market by purchasing shares, or established a sales office in a new market, etc.), in advance thank you for answering the online questionnaire at: This is an anonymous questionnaire. Again thank you and Happy New Year!


William H. Prado

Doctor of Business Administration Student
School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix

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  1. William Prado says:

    Many thanks for the good support Brian!

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