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I grew up in Longview, Washington and was recently interviewed for an article (Local bloggers caught in the web) by the local newspaper there about local people (ex-local in my case) who have their own blogs. I don't think my quotes are quite accurate, but probably close enough. I did sort of ramble on in our interview. Anyway, it is fun to be in your hometown's newspaper. The real bummer is that he didn't put a reference to my blog in the article!  

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  1. Some b3ta* members spend a lot of time to be in their local newspaper. Usually by dressing up as ape-men, or in bunny suits.

    It’s funny. 🙂


    * b3ta is not always work safe (although the link I provided is). Definitely try it out at home. You’ll laugh, particularly if you’re into non-subtle humor, mad Photochop genii and cute kittens. And badgers.

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