Request from a university student

I received a request today from William Prado to help drive people to a study he is doing that is very similar to many of my blog entries. Instead of describing it myself, I have copied the text he wrote for me. Please note that neither Microsoft or I have anything to do with this…


All courseware from the MIT Sloan School of Management

Did you know that you can get the courseware for a variety of MTC courses online, for free?   I can’t imagine spending the time to go through all of the lectures, readings, assignments, exams, labs, and all other materials for each undergraduate and graduate course available. However, if I want to brush up on…


New approaches to sales and marketing strategies

When writing a business plan you of course need to think about your Marketing Strategy and Sales Strategy. The Chase Market Velocity blog has an interesting and useful way of looking at traditional approaches for marketing and sales strategies compared to web-based (or more IT centric) approaches. These are:   Traditional Enterprise Sales/Marketing “Web 2.0” Enterprise Sales…


Tips for a good Business Plan

I’ve been thinking of turning a couple of ideas into actual business plans and seeing what becomes of them within Microsoft, so I have been refreshing my knowledge of what’s in a business plan. Joe Hadzima has some good tips to keep in mind when writing one.   Thanks to BizzBangBuzz for the link  


Handbook for a manager

Business 2.0 has a good article about a handbook of sorts that they say CEOs swear by. Below is my version or interpretation of their list that should really apply to any manager, not just a CEO: Have the right strategy Admit when you don’t understand something, and search for that understanding Believe in what…


Fellow Microsoftees: Let’s get a rail system

This blog is for my peers at Microsoft: Having this cool little rail system around campus would make it a heck of a lot easier to get to meetings on time. Check out the photos and videos at – from what the video says, it sounds like they have already pitched the idea to someone at…


Microsoft Student 2006

I don’t have kids and I’m way past the 8th grade. However, I am very jealous that I didn’t have anything as cool as Microsoft Student 2006 when I was in school. There is a great review of it by a father and son who give it two thumbs up at


Strategy Focused Organization

Thinking about applying Balanced Scorecard ideas to an organization comes down to making that organization (company, division, team, etc.) focused on the strategy that drives it. You could call this a Strategy Focused Organization. I just watched a nice overview of this idea at, which states: Translate the strategy so that it can be…


Presentation Tips

How do you try to pitch an idea to peers or upper management? I use PowerPoint probably more often than I should, but recently I have started to write up my bigger ideas or proposals and use PowerPoint for just the highlights. A couple of good articles I recently ran across are: Elizabeth Lane Lawley’s…


Traveling the world, missing our dogs

Lorie and I are visiting Microsoft Technology Centers and squeezing in some vacation in Beijing, Tokyo, Taipei, Dubai, Frankfurt, Zurich, Milan, Venice, San Francisco/Berkeley, and who knows where else. Even though this ‘Round The World trip is amazing (in only 25 days), we miss our dogs. They are pictured here while they stay with Kerry,…