BioDiesel = No Problem

A quick update to my BioDiesel question. We have now filled up our new diesel VW Beetle (the TDI model) with 100% BioDiesel, which I think is all soy beans in this country (USA). I am happy to report that the car drives exactly like it did with regular diesel in it. I wasn't sure what to expect.

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  1. j.edwards says:

    The problems people typically have with biodiesel are coagulation and ignition. On newer cars especially ignition probably isn’t a problem (for old VW Diesels without glow plugs it can be), but to counter coagulation you might want to do a mix if the temperature drops very far (my father has been running a 70s VW Rabbit on Bio for a couple years, and he mixes below 38 degrees last I checked).

  2. Uwe Keim says:

    It smells a little bit different, doesn’t it?

  3. Brendan says:

    While it hasn’t caused any problems mechanically, I’d be interested to hear your experiences related to fuel economy vs regular diesel. What do you end up paying per gallon?

    I fear that I know little about BioDiesel, however I know that with Ethanol, ones fuel economy tends to be lower. Despite many states (including my own) lowering the fuel tax on Ethanol blended fuels, the cost savings tends to be nil. There is also the issue the huge subsidies required to produce the stuff… I’m forced to wonder if the BioDiesel is similarly burdened.

  4. Brian Groth says:

    We forgot to check the mileage we got with our first (and only) tank of regular diesel, so we don’t have a good comparision. We are still on our first tank of biodiesel also. I haven’t noticed a different smell yet. And, thanks for the suggestion to mix it if the temperature drops, however, I have heard that normal diesel has a problem in cold weather too.

  5. Shane says:

    If you’re in a place that has a problem with real cold weather your normal diesel place provider will have special ‘winter’ diesel which resolves that cold issue. With BioDiesel you may not get that. Also, there are things you can put into a tank of diesel to help it in the cold. You may want to see if you can use the same stuff on BioDisel.

    Congrats on the TDI. It’s a good purchase.

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