Command-line view of ports in use

Here is a quick and easy way to dig into what ports are being used, and what apps are using them.

Step 1: Find out what ports are being used:
C:\>NetStat -o
Which will return the following (your list will probably be much longer):

Proto  Local Address    Foreign Address          State        PID
TCP    EC968728:1108  ESTABLISHED  4072

Step 2: See what app (& more) is using that port:
C:\>TaskList /FI "PID eq 4072" /FO LIST /V
Which will return the following

Image Name:   OUTLOOK.EXE
PID:          4072
Session Name: Console
Session#:     0
Mem Usage:    105,320 K
Status:       Running
User Name:    ****DomainName****\bgroth
CPU Time:     0:01:44
Window Title: Inbox - Microsoft Outlook

There you have it!

I used the following pages to dig into the NetStat and TaskList commands:

  1. NetStat Info
  2. TaskList Info


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  1. Pavel Lebedinsky says:

    On XP SP2 you can also use netstat -b [-v].

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