Working from Paris for a week

I get to work in Paris, France next week (November 30 – December 4) and my French is VERY limited. So, I may end up adding a couple of posts about my experiences while in Paris. This will be my 4th time there, but I always see something different each time. We are fortunate enough…


Great Windows Applications to Download

I am often amazed at some of the applications people come up with. Here are a couple of specific ones that I have tried lately, and have been impressed with. DateLense for a very interesting and efficient way to look at your calendar (thanks Shish) KeyHole (and yes, I know that Google owns them now…


BioDiesel = No Problem

A quick update to my BioDiesel question. We have now filled up our new diesel VW Beetle (the TDI model) with 100% BioDiesel, which I think is all soy beans in this country (USA). I am happy to report that the car drives exactly like it did with regular diesel in it. I wasn’t sure…


Resource Kits

Resource Kits have some of the greatest tools for digging into a Microsoft product for fun, to learn more about the product, to support it better, or just to make your life easier. Here are a few that we find useful when building, running, and maintaining our demo. There are many more resource kits than…


Management Tip: The Upwardly Global MBA

I ran across a good article in strategy+business called The Upwardly Global MBA. While the article mostly focuses on how business schools need to change to prepare MBA students for today’s business world, I got some good tips on leadership from the article:  Be a thoughtful, aware, sensitive, flexible, and adaptive manager. Think, decide, and…


Script to invoke the current user’s screen saver

Thanks to The Scripting Dude for this script, which I made a small correction to. Save it as a .vbs file and run it to invoke the screen saver for the currently logged on user.   ‘ This script runs the screen saver associated to the current user. Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject (“”) Set WMIService…


Comparing search results

I wanted to find some materials to read to improve some skills, so I searched for “Improving Business Strategy Skills”, without the quotes. None of the following resulted in anything useful for me, so I guess I need to refine my search. However, I figured it might be interesting to share my search results along…


Shish has a blog!

The Office, Project, InfoPath, and SharePoint (SPS and WSS) guru on my team finally has a blog. Visit The ShiSh List to see what things he is working on and what sailing races he has been in recently.


Command-line view of ports in use

Here is a quick and easy way to dig into what ports are being used, and what apps are using them. Step 1: Find out what ports are being used:C:\>NetStat -oWhich will return the following (your list will probably be much longer): Proto  Local Address    Foreign Address          State        PIDTCP    EC968728:1108  ESTABLISHED  4072 Step 2: See what app (&…


VB Script to get list of services into an Excel list

Borrowing some code from the following from the TechNet Script Repository for Office:   Format a range of cells List Service Data in a Spreadsheet List Excel Color Values I was able to make a little VB Script app that lists all of the services on my Windows XP box, format the column headers, and…