BioDiesel Question

Does anyone out there have any experience or knowledge regarding the use of BioDiesel in a regular diesel engine? I am thinking of getting a diesel VW Bug (the TDI), but I want to run BioDiesel in it. I understand there is a Chevron in Bellevue that sells BioDiesel.

Comments (5)

  1. Smeg says:

    No problems, actualy its benificial, its CLEANER for the engine.

  2. Smeg says:

    The idea was fine, up until the point you mentioned the VW Bug.

  3. skialta says:

    is this your new ride or do you now get stuck with the cmonster?

  4. lucy says:

    Only used it in a sailboat diesel. Smelled great (soy diesel) and worked great but the crew was always hungry.

    That was about 7 yr ago; it was way too expensive at that time to use in a car/truck/etc.

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