Electric-powered breaks 300mph

When I was at Western Washington University, I got to see one of their solar cars. They usually did pretty good in a variety of solar car races. This electric car from Ohio State University isn't solar powered, but since all solar cars are electric cars (I think), then maybe one day we can have a solar car that can cruise down a freeway just like a regular car.

See the article about the car at: http://www.ohiounion.com/studentorgs/articles.asp?ID=312 

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  1. William Luu says:

    I think the fully electric car is some way off, but it is a future I think well worth waiting for. I think we’ll see more hybrid vehicles first, which is the first step towards fully electric.

    At the moment there are several vehicles from various manufacturers that have are utilising a hybrid (petrol/electric) engine. Two that I know we have here in Australia is the Toyota Prius as well as the Honda Civic Hybrid.

    Here is an interesting article (couldn’t find the exact one I read the other day, but it is about the same thing): http://www.etaiwannews.com/Business/2004/10/18/1098065564.htm and more articles: http://news.google.com.au/news?hl=en&ned=au&ie=UTF-8&q=hydrogen+powered+car

    I know that over here in Australia there have been buses running on ethanol. (http://www.venturabus.com.au/ven_environment.html).

    I honestly think we have a long long way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction.

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